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Suicide Sisters 2 print copies are in

You can buy them here:

Suicide Sisters 2 print

Suicide Sisters 2 digital (pdf only, if you want the cbz, after purchasing please let me know and I'll be happy to email you a link for the cbz download. Sorry for the hassle, but this is due to bandwidth limits on Pulley).

Heart 2 cover

Heart 2 cover, originally uploaded by kevin mellon.

art / cover KEVIN MELLON
32 PAGES / BW / M
OCT11 0552
The evolution of cage fighter Oren "Rooster" Redmond continues – but will a fist to the face stop his momentum before it starts? If you like dudes punching each other in the grill, this one’s for you!

LoveSTRUCK Reviewed

Via Dennis Hopeless
LoveSTRUCK Reviewed:

LoveSTRUCK has been out for a few days and our first reviews are starting to come in. They're not all perfect tens but the reviewers all seem to get what we were going for. Kevin and I certainly appreciate their taking time to review the book.

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