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Suicide Sisters 2 print copies are in

You can buy them here:

Suicide Sisters 2 print

Suicide Sisters 2 digital (pdf only, if you want the cbz, after purchasing please let me know and I'll be happy to email you a link for the cbz download. Sorry for the hassle, but this is due to bandwidth limits on Pulley).

REBOOT!!! - Scott Pilgrim

And another Indie Comics Reboot cover for Comics Alliance

You can see the color version over on Comics Alliance and the initial thumbnail and pencils after the jump. 

I struggled with Ramona's face on this one, as you can see from the difference between the thumbnail, the pencils, the inks and the final color version over on CA. That's how it goes some days. I like what I inked below, but it's not the face the piece needed. I redrew it in Photoshop, so there was no 'on the board' adjustment.

Ink and brush on 11x17 bristol.

 Layout and pencils in Manga Studio: